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HIX.AI's ArticleGPT instantly creates hallucination-free, fact-based, and SEO-friendly articles backed by credible references, and optimizes the content for search engines using your target keywords appropriately throughout.

Why Trust ArticleGPT?

We're an SEO expert who knows what it takes to drive traffic! Take a look at the chart below and you'll see that our traffic has been steadily climbing. We know what great SEO looks like and how to apply it to articles. Leveraging our expertise, we have created ArticleGPT, a blog content generator designed to generate consistently impactful, SEO-optimized content that excels in today's digital landscape.

Why Trust ArticleGPT?

Hallucination-Free, Fact-Checked Content

Hallucination-Free AI Article Writing

Generative AI models like ChatGPT are accused of generating hallucinating and false content. Trained by Large Language Models (LLMs), they rely on pattern recognition to predict content based on probability rather than accuracy.

ArticleGPT uses sourced content to eliminate confusing AI hallucinations and generate 100% fact-based articles backed by credible references. You can add any reference articles to ensure the most factually accurate, hallucination-free results.

Reference Sources Customizable

We understand each article needs its unique reference sources, so we make reference selection fully flexible in your article creation process. You can select your preferred webpages, or upload your own documents for ArticleGPT to cite from.

Updated Information

ArticleGPT's dataset is not limited to pre-2022. You can count on us to generate articles, news stories, and more using up-to-date information. Always be confident that the details in your article will match the current events.

Backed by Credible, Real-Time Online Sources

With ArticleGPT's extensive access to online resources, you can easily include credible and up-to-date details in your article. We can scrape information from:

  • Amazon

  • Wikipedia

  • Major media outlets

  • Google News

  • Review platforms like G2, Capterra

  • And a lot more!

Write a Reliable Blog Post in 5 Quick Steps


Provide Brief

Select the type of article you want and choose the tone, word count, topic, POV, target audience, language, etc. for your articles.


Choose References

Choose the your preferred reference sources from the search results of your target keyword, or upload the documents you want us to refer to for your article.


Generate Outline

We will generate a title and an outline according to your brief and references, and you can modify the title, and the outline's structure and headings for your needs.


Start Generation

Once you're satisfied with the outline, click the Generate button and your article will be ready in a flash.


Export Article

You can edit and export the generated article to a local Word/PDF document file, Google Docs, or WordPress.

First AI Article Writer Able to Handle 8 Highly-Demanded Article Types

First AI Article Writer Able to Handle 8 Highly-Demanded Article Types

While other AI writing tools on the market have their own approach to content creation, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all article type. Relying on the same format for every article can inevitably lead to subpar writing.

That is why we uniquely categorize articles into 8 different types, each having its own tailored template. We’ve determined this the most methodological way to generate fact-based, customizable, and high-quality articles that provide values to your readers.

Amazon Product Roundups

Stop spending days and thousands of dollars looking for the right freelancer to write your Amazon product roundups! Use our AI article writer to generate tons of 3000+ word Amazon product roundups in a cheaper, quicker, and easier way.

We Write Amazon Product Roundups With Facts

With our AI article writer, you'll no longer have to put up with the inaccurate details or grammatically correct nonsense generated by other AI tools. Our articles are built with informative content you can trust, and are guaranteed to be original and SEO-friendly.

Provide the links to your target Amazon products, or choose the Amazon search results based on your target keyword to get the matching product links.

We'll scrape the product descriptions, details, customer questions and reviews through the links, and turn them instantly into product introductions, pros & cons, user experience, buying guides and FAQs in your roundups.

With these research capabilities, Our AI article writing tool will help you write reliable roundup articles and encourage your readers to make purchases. Give us a try now and watch your earnings soar!

Single Amazon Product Reviews

Roundups alone may not be enough for your Amazon affiliate site. Enrich its content with additional reviews of single Amazon products produced by ArticleGPT!

By linking these reviews with your existing roundups, you can optimize your site's internal link structure, reduce bounce rate, and increase avg. session duration, and ultimately, boost your website ranking, traffic and revenue.

You may have doubts about the validity of AI-generated reviews. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Streamlined Reviews With Verified Details

Our Amazon product reviews are written with verifiable details, instead of machine generated text full of factual errors. Here is how it works:

You specify the link to an Amazon product and its related reference sources, and we will draw out its product descriptions, customer questions and user reviews.

We use them to create reviews containing details like its intended users and usages, specifications, pros and cons, and beyond.

General Product Roundups

Writing general product roundups with accurate product information is also easy with our SEO article writer. To ensure the accuracy, our process involves:

Pulling out product information from reference sources you specify. So your articles will have details like product features, specs, benefits & drawbacks, pricing, user experience, etc.

Retrieving real customer feedback from third-party review websites you choose as references, such as G2 and Capterra, and using them to provide objective and genuine user experience and review in your roundup.

Single Product Reviews

Single Product Reviews

Write extensive descriptions and analyses of a product, with its features, pros and cons, FAQs about this product included.

The product information used in your article will be retrieved online, using the reference resources you choose about the product. So you'll know all the product details provided are correct.

We ensure the user experience of the product in your article is trustworthy by using real user feedback from credible sources you want us to refer to, like G2, Capterra.

Product Comparisons

Product Comparisons

Write comprehensive comparison articles of any two products with ease using our SEO article generator.

Our long-form AI writer collects product information with the names and reference links of the two products you provide.

With the extracted details in mind, we will highlight the similarities and differences on specs, features, pricing, brand reliability, user experience, and more in your articles.

We can also produce truthful and unbiased analyses of product experience by gathering true user feedback from established review platforms you provide as references like G2 and Capterra.

How-to Guides

Whether you want to instruct your readers on how to use a software application, do home repairs, or prepare a particular type of cuisine, our how-to guide AI writer is well-versed in creating these tutorials. They will be organized in a step-by-step manner, so it'll be easy for your readers to follow along and succeed.

News Articles

Compose factual presentations of current events with captivating headlines and well-organized body structures using our free AI article writing tool. And to reinforce authenticity, we will:

Search on Google News with your given keyword, and dig into the top-ranking, trusted news resources of the last 20 days to get authentic information.

Add references at the bottom of the content to demonstrate your article reliability.

With our help, you'll instantly get news pieces with:

  • Up to date information
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Inverted pyramid structure
  • Simplicity and brevity
  • Precision
  • Objectivity and factualness
  • Fairness and balance

General Articles

Didn't find what you need with the above predefined types? No problem! We offer a general article option that satisfies your custom article needs. Use it to write articles that are truly informative and keep your audience engaged.

Enjoy the freedom to write instantly on any topic and niche.

Your articles will be tailored perfectly to your brief and outline.

The information incorporated will be well-researched, fact-checked with trustworthy online sources.

Video to Article

Looking for an easy way to write an article based on a lengthy video? ArticleGPT can save you from hours of tedious work! Our powerful AI video to article generator can convert YouTube videos of any length into compelling, unique and SEO-friendly articles, within only a few seconds!

Your articles will include all essential details of the video with clarity and precision.

The content will be informative, unique and optimized for search engines.

We can convert videos of any type and length to quality articles.

Additional Key Features of Our Blog Generator

Additional Key Features of Our Blog Generator

  • One-Click Mode

    Streamline the article writing process with One-Click Mode. Describe your topics, add keywords, and watch as your article is generated with a click of a button.

  • High-Quality Mode

    Elevate your content with High-Quality Mode. Incorporate references, create a title, develop an outline, and allow ArticleGPT to craft a high-quality, customized article that aligns with your specific content needs.

  • Built-In Grammar & Plagiarism Checker

    ArticleGPT quickly and accurately identifies and resolves grammar mistakes and instances of plagiarism. Our convenient built-in grammar and plagiarism checker helps generate original, grammatically correct articles that appear professionally written.

  • Export & Share

    Save time with our convenient export and share options found all in one place. Save your generated article directly to your device or share by link or on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

A Versatile AI Article Writing Tool for All

Our AI article generator can help writers with varying backgrounds to create top-quality long articles quickly.

  • Bloggers

    Our free unique article generator can help bloggers create regular quality long blog posts, saving lots of time and effort.

  • SEO Professionals

    Our AI article writer is optimized for SEO professionals to produce search engine-friendly articles that can boost website rankings and traffic.

  • Content Marketers

    Our AI article writer simplifies the marketers' process to write educational articles about your products or services, and help them create content that can drive sales.

  • Journalists

    Journalists can write news articles that can keep up with emerging trends with our AI writing tools and improve their engagement and online presence.

  • Amazon Affiliates

    ArticleGPT allows Amazon affiliates to create error-free reviews, product comparisons, and product roundups with your recommended Amazon products to drive sales.

  • Business Owners

    Business owners can use our AI article writer to scale their businesses by streamlining their content creation processes.

Enjoy Premium AI at Budget-Friendly Prices

  • ArticleGPT Basic
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    GPT-3.5 articles
    GPT-4o articles
    • 8 Article Types Available
    • Factually Accurate Content Creation
    • Backed by Credible Online Information
    • Reference Sources Customizable
    • 1-Click Google Docs Export
    • 1-Click WordPress Export
    • GPT-4o Article Writing
    • Priority Support
  • Save 33%
    ArticleGPT Unlimited
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    GPT-4o articles
    Everything in Pro, plus
    • Unlimited GPT-3.5 Article Writing
  • ArticleGPT Pro
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    GPT-3.5 articles
    GPT-4o articles
    • 8 Article Types Available
    • Factually Accurate Content Creation
    • Backed by Credible Online Information
    • Reference Sources Customizable
    • 1-Click Google Docs Export
    • 1-Click WordPress Export
    • GPT-4o Article Writing
    • Priority Support

Our AI Article Generator Breaks the Norm

🌟 Well-researched

Fact-based, up-to-date content

📚 Custom references

Choose your own reference sources

📝 Versatile

Capable of writing diverse articles

📈 SEO-friendly

Optimized for search engines

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  • Who can benefit from ArticleGPT?

    Anyone who needs to write long articles in a short period of time can benefit from our long-form blog generator. Whether you're a blog owner, freelance writer, student, or journalist, you can use it to speed up your writing process and create captivating articles your readers will like.
  • How can ArticleGPT ensure my article is hallucination-free, fact-checked and trustworthy?

    When composing articles, this free unique article generator uses advanced algorithms to obtain relevant and updated information from online resources and use it to ensure the trustworthiness of your content. So you'll know the content of your generated article is factually accurate.

  • Can I specify reference sources for my article?

    Yes! Our blog content generator allows you to freely choose what resources to cite from for your articles. You can choose to refer to Amazon, major media outlets, and user review platforms like G2 and Capterra, so your article content can be relevant to your topic, reliable and fact-checked.

  • Is it possible to make sure the output fits my brand or style guidelines?

    Yes it is! Our blog content generator allows you to specify your requirements and adjust the article outline before generating your article. With these steps, you'll be able to have articles generated that are right fit for your brand or consistent with your style guidelines.

  • Can I generate long articles in different languages?

    Yes, you can! ArticleGPT is a free long-form AI writer that supports long article generation in 50+ languages. So you can create articles in the right tongue for your prospective readers.

  • Is it possible to publish articles generated by ArticleGPT to WordPress?

    Yes, our SEO article generator allows you to export the articles generated to WordPress with a few simple clicks, as long as you connect your WordPress site to HIX.AI.

  • Is ArticleGPT a better choice than ChatGPT?

    Yes. While ChatGPT is notorious for generating AI hallucinations, ArticleGPT prides itself on providing users with high-quality, factually accurate, and up-to-date content. While other platforms generate random text that may contain inaccurate information, this blog content generator is backed by credible sources.

  • How many articles can you generate using ArticleGPT?

    The number of articles you can generate using ArticleGPT depends on your plan. With ArticleGPT's free plan, you can generate 1 article with GPT-3.5. With Pro, you can generate 10 articles with GPT-3.5 and 1 article with GPT-4o. If you require additional volumes, consider our add-on article packages which start as low as $0.7 (GPT-3.5) and $1 (GPT-4o) per article.

Experience Lightning-Fast Long Article Writing with HIX.AI

Experience Hallucination-Free Fact-Checked Article Writing with ArticleGPT

ArticleGPT is your go-to AI solution when you need articles that are factually accurate and backed by credible online sources. Start writing with confidence today!

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